Angus W G Walls, Ph.D., B.D.S.

The Ninety-fourth President of the IADR


  • Inaugural address delivered in San Francisco, Calif., USA
    “Aging, a call to arms” (Video) | (Print version)
  • Director Edinburgh Dental Institute
    Deanery of Clinical Sciences
    College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
  • B.D.S. Newcastle (Ncl) 1979
    FDSRCS (Eng) 1982
    Ph.D. (Ncl) 1986
    FDSRCS (Ed) 1992
  • 2005 Trustee Oral and Dental Research Trust, Hon Treasurer from 2007
  • 2007 Visiting Professor, University of McGill, Montreal Canada
  • 2009 Graham Embery lecturer British Society for Dental Research