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Embryonic murine submandibular gland (day 16), with neuronal tissues (cyan) extending prominent projections adjacent to branching salivary epithelium (magenta). Developing acini are surrounded by emerging myoepithelial cells (green and yellow). Stark differences were found between the gene expression patterns of submandibular and parotid glands early in development for both neuronal and myoepithelial/muscle-related populations.
Article: Single-Cell RNA-seq Identifies Cell Diversity in Embryonic Salivary Glands
Authors: Sekiguchi, Rei; Martin, Daniel; Yamada, Kenneth
Published Online First: October 23, 2019
J Dent Res. 99(1):69-78

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Characterization of the Schwann cell glial network in the dental pulp from a young human adult permanent human tooth, with S100 (red) and glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP; green) immunofluorescent markers. Double immunolabeling (S100/GFAP) from a coronal section shows GFAP expressing radially arranged Schwann cell processes projecting from the Raschkow plexus into the odontoblast layer.
Article: Schwann Cell Phenotype Changes in Aging Human Dental Pulp
Authors: Couve, Eduardo; Lovera, Marco; Suzuki, Kiyoko; Schmachtenberg, Oliver
Published Online First: October 3, 2017
J Dent Res. 97(3):347-355

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Scanning electron micrograph of etched enamel surface of murine incisor tooth showing the crisscrossed arrangement of the rod and inter-rod material.
Article: Generation of Amelx-iCre Mice Supports Ameloblast-Specific Role for Stim1
Authors: Papagerakis, Petros; Said, Raed; Zheng, Li; Saunders, Thomas; Zeidler, Michael; Papagerakis, Silvana
Published Online First: July 22, 2019
J Dent Res. 98(9):1002-1010

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Scanning electron microscopy image of MG63 cellular orientation grown on micropatterned silica thin films coated with nanohydroxyapatite.
Article: Micropatterned Silica Films with Nanohydroxyapatite for Y-TZP Implants
Authors: Cesar, Paulo; Miranda, Ranulfo; Grenho, Liliana; Carvalho, Ângela; Fernandes, Maria Helena; Monteiro, Fernando
Published Online First: April 2, 2018
J Dent Res. 97(9):1003-1009

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Alcian blue staining of intersphenoidal synchondrosis (ISS) in Fgfr3ach/SAP-Nppc- transgenic mice. Horizontal histological sections of the ISS of 10-day old animals show premature ossification within the cartilaginous matrix.
Article: Circulatory CNP Rescues Craniofacial Hypoplasia in Achondroplasia
Authors: Nakao, Kazumasa; Yamanaka, Shigeki; Koyama, Noriaki; Isobe, Yu; Ueda, Youhei; Kanai, Yugo; Kondo, Eri; Fujii, Toshihito; Miura, Masako; Yasoda, Akihiro; Nakao, Kazuwa; Bessho, Kazuhisa
Published Online First: June 23, 2017
J Dent Res. 96(13):1526-1534

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Inhibition of stromal cell–derived factor 1 /C-X-C chemokine receptor type 4 and regulation on activation, T-cell expressed and secreted (RANTES)/C-C chemokine receptor type 1 signaling attenuated the reparative effects of green fluorescent protein–labeled bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (GFP-BMSCs) on cartilage degradation in the TMJ condyle. Safranin O staining showed that the effect of GFP-BMSCs on glycosaminoglycan loss in the TMJ condyle following AMD3100/BX471 treatment.
Article: RANTES and SDF-1 Are Keys in Cell-based Therapy of TMJ Osteoarthritis
Authors: Wang, Mei-Qing; Lu, Lei; Zhang, Xu; Zhang, Mian; Zhang, Hong-Yun; Liao, Li-Fan; Yang, Ting; Zhang, Jing; Xian, Lingling; Chen, Di
Published Online First: September 16, 2015
J Dent Res. 94(11):1601-9

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