Developments in Resin Modified Glass-Ionomer Cements

Flowable and Packable Composites Developed

This format made restorations difficult and hard to polish. Flowable composites have a reduced filler load, making it flexible and more suitable to fill hard-to-reach areas, whereas packable composites were designed to achieve a better proximal contact and address issues such as shrinkage, wear and handling.

LED Curing Becomes More Common

Their use became even more prevalent in 1994, when high-brightness blue-light-emitting GaN LEDs were invented.

Digital Patient Records Increase Efficiency and Accuracy

Due to the availability of more affordable, powerful and compact hardware and with the internet providing faster and easier access, the medical community adopted the practice of housing patient medical information electronically. For the majority of practices, digital records were introduced to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Use of Digital Radiography Increases

Unlike conventional radiography, digital radiography allows for post-processing adjustments in contrast, which expand the information that can be captured via film. In addition, film is coupled with high-cost, high-labor, hazardous materials and physical storage concerns.