Immunization of Monkeys with Streptococcus Mutans: Specificity of Antibody Responses in Saliva

Inhibition of colonization on tooth surfaces in immune monkeys showed specificity for the immunizing strain, suggesting that inhibition was antibody mediated.

Purification and Properties of an Alpha-(1 >3) Glucanohydrolase from Trichoderma Harzianum

A major protein band stained with amido schwartz contained the enzyme activity, as revealed by the complete local hydrolysis of mutant agar containing this polysaccharide.

Löe Makes Advances in the Prevention of Plaque and Gingivitis

The results confirmed previous observations (Löe and Rindom Schiött 1969, 1970) that two daily mouth rinses with a 0.2 percent solution of chlorhexidine effectively prevent plaque formation, and authors concluded that complete inhibition of plaque and prevention of gingivitis may be achieved by daily application of chlorhexidine, provided the agent is administered in such a way that it reaches all tooth surfaces.

Experimental Periodontitis Demonstrated in a Rat Model

Kleinberg Examines the Biochemistry of Dental Plaque

Gibbons and Colleagues Examine Bacteriocins of Oral Streptococci

Gibbons followed it up with another paper, in conjuction with post-doctoral fellow Bill Liljemark, on the adhesion of additional oral genera. In 1972, along with Ray Williams, he published what was arguably his most well-known work on the subject, a study that identified prevention of specific bacterial adhesion as the major function of secretory IgA.

Socransky Studies Relationship Between Bacteria and Periodontal Disease