Colombian Division is Founded

Sudanese Section is Founded

Panamanian Section is Founded

International Network for Orofacial Pain and Related Disorders Methodology (INfORM) Formed

Amalgam Separators Become Standard for Dentistry

However, when an amalgam filling is removed, the mercury in the amalgam becomes “active” and toxic. In the early 2000s, dentists started using amalgam separators in their drain systems. The separator captures the waste material, which is then safely recycled.

Research Proves Health Connection of Body and Mouth

Oral health refers to the entire mouth; this includes the teeth and gums, but also the jaw, throat, mouth muscles and supporting tissue. The report goes on to purport that maintaining proper oral health is essential for general health and can be a successful component in disease prevention.

Dental Anesthesiology Research Group Established

Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment Developed

At first orthodontists were skeptical of the effectiveness of the plastic trays. As consumer demand rose, more and more orthodontists adopted the new method, now making it an international practice implemented in more than six million patients.

Kuwaiti Division is Founded

Costa Rican Section is Founded