First Ultrasonic Toothbrush Patented in the U.S.

Initially, the Ultima worked only on ultrasound. A few years later, a motor was added to the Ultrasonex brush, which provided additional sonic vibration.

Developments in Resin Modified Glass-Ionomer Cements

Venezuelan Division is Founded

Zirconia Use Advances and CAD/CAM Systems Debut

Peruvian Division is Founded

Saudi Arabian Division is Founded

Nutrition Research Group Established

Brazilian Division is Founded

Oral Health Research Group Established

Frencken Presents Atraumatic Restorative Treatment Model

The atraumatic restorative treatment utilizes hand instruments and adhesive filling material to remove recalcified tooth tissue and restore the cavity. As this technique doesn’t use electricity, it makes restorative oral care more accessible, specifically in underdeveloped countries.