J.M. Ten Cate, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

The Eighty-fifth President of the IADR


  • Inaugural address delivered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, July 2, 2008
    “Why Another Meeting”
    (J Dent Res 87(7):779, 2008)
  • B.Sc., Chemistry and Physics, State University of Groningen, 1971
    M.Sc., Physical Chemistry, Crystallography and Polymer Chemistry, State University of Groningen, 1974
    Ph.D., Thesis: Remineralization of enamel lesions, a study of the physicochemical Mechanism, State University of Groningen, 1979
  • Professor of Experimental Preventive Dentistry, Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1985-Present
    Head, Department Cariology and Endodontology, Faculty of Dentistry, ACTA, 1986-1993
    Vice Dean, ACTA, 1993-2000
    Director of Research, ACTA, 2000-2006
    Professor, Experimental Preventive Dentistry Cariology, Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    Academy Professor, Royal Academy for Arts and Sciences, the Netherlands, 2007-Present